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Is your House Winter-Ready?

It’s common to convince yourself that it’s too late to take care of winter prep this year, that with the big freeze as good as here you might as well wait until the spring to replace a screen or clear out the eaves. Winter doesn’t push a pause button on home repairs. Snow and ice still thaws and re-freezes, even in January, causing further cracking, warping, rotting, or breakage. Take a good look around now and save yourself from surprise mid-winter repairs or even worse when spring has sprung.


The Pros and Cons of Air Duct Cleaning

Undoubtedly you have received a phone call from a company advertising air duct cleaning services. But what is it, what does it do, and is it worthwhile?


Characteristics of Renovating Your Walk-up Attic

Renovating your walk-up attic is a great way to add livable space to your home. Whether you’re looking to display your musical instrument collection, create a play room for the kids, or add an extra bedroom here are some of the main renovation considerations your budget will be dealing with.


The Hidden Costs of Purchasing an Old House

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you house and you find yourself attracted to the charm of a century home make sure you know what you’re moving into before finalizing the paperwork.


Time to Replace Your Window or Door? No Need to Compromise on Style or Practicality!

Approach the purchase of your new windows and doors as an investment. Like your roof, high quality windows and doors will last you decades, which is all the more reason to spend your efforts researching the specifications available to windows and doors, as well as the companies who manufacture them.


Why Your Roof Leaks and When To Repair or Replace

If you notice spring showers raining in your living room it’s because winter weather has battered and broken your roof’s protective barriers.


Spring Cleaning: Exterior Home Maintenance

Now that the weather is getting warm enough to dig in to yard work, it’s also time to investigate the exterior of your home and prepare yourself to enjoy your staycation as soon as temperatures allow.


Spring Cleaning: Interior Home Maintenance

Spring cleaning is the perfect inspiration to tap into and tackle interior house repairs. And while it may not be warm enough to work outside just yet, there are plenty of checkpoints inside. By proactively looking for problems now you will prevent further damage started by ice and snow from festering with spring showers.


Basement Renovations: What you can’t see can be costly

Homeowners often grossly underestimate the planning, time, and cost that a quality basement renovation requires.


Why is Attic Ventilation Important?

Winter is a great time to observe the function of your attic ventilation system. Freezing temperatures and the arrival of snow make it easy to see where there are air leaks in the building envelope, whether your insulation is working, and if your attic space ventilation needs an update.


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Ron's focus is on solutions that provide long term savings, no quick fixes, no skimping, is what sets him apart. He indentifies the problem and determines the homeowner’s best solution: to get it fixed ONCE, to last a lifetime.


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